Children Evangelism (Collection)
This is a compilation of four weeks of evangelism in a community in the Philippines. This was conducted by the students and staff of YWAM Philippines' School of Evangelism in Antipolo, Rizal, Philippines.

Christian Dramas and Street Evangelism Tips Ministry | YWAM Evangelism in Philippines
This video shows pictures and live street dramas happening on the streets in some places in the Philippines. The message of the street dramas is all about Jesus Christ and His salvation.

Good Person Test Philippines (Cebuano) - Evangelism Training with Outreach2day
The Good Person Test is an evangelism outreach training tool suitable for use with Outreach2day's minibus and flip charts. This Good Person Test is in Cebuano language and can be used in the Philippines, particularly to places where Cebuano is the main language.

One Verse (8 mins and 26 secs video) Evangelism/ Tagalog
This video shows you how to use the One Verse booklet in Tagalog language.

One Verse Evangelism Tagalog
This video shows you how to present the gospel by just using Romans 6:23.

One Verse Evangelism in Tagalog/Filipino
Share the greatest gift we received from God to the unchurched/unbelievers with this one verse (Romans 6:23) evangelism in Filipino.

Outreach2day - Gospel Presentations - Philippines Tagalog
This video shows you how to use Outreach2day's Tagalog flip chart for sharing the gospel in the Philippines.

Tagalog Gospel Presentation
This video is a demonstration on how to present the gospel to others. The presentation is in Tagalog language.

YWAM Discipleship Training Week Philippines
Watch a sample of the activity of a YWAM Antipolo Training Center (ATC) Discipleship Training Week (DTW) conducted 3-6 times a year every summer (April and May) in or from/around ATC (Metro Manila). The training includes five days of stay-in lectures, work duties, small groups, worship, evangelism training.

YWAM School of Evangelism Philippines Promo
This is a promotional video prepared by YWAM Philippines' School of Evangelism. They are continuously inviting Christians who would like to be trained as evangelists and missionaries.

Filipino Christian Resources

Filipino Christian
Filipino Christian Resources

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