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Ed Lapiz Books
Pastor Ed Lapiz is currently the Senior Pastor of Day By Day Ministries. He has written many Christian books in Taglish (a mix of Tagalog and English languages). You can find a list of his books on GoodReads website.

Have a Little Faith
By Lesley Gomez
This book tells the story of the little children struggling to survive extreme poverty in the Philippines, and through them the story of God's amazing ways of transforming them. Readers will be encouraged by their stories of God's faithfulness: a violent gangster made tender, a suicidal addict snatched from the brink, a teenage daughter sold into prostitution, tragedy on a colossal scale in the great earthquake that hit Luzon. There are many horror stories, but again and again they are turned around for good.

Mahal Ka Ng Diyos: Kahapon, Ngayon, Bukas
By Joey Umali
This book is a collection of Pastor Joey Umali's sermon in his radio program 'Hardin ng Panalangin' airing on 702 DZAS every Monday to Saturday. The book is divided into 12 main topics that covers all areas of the Christian life.

Mga Tanong Na Dapat Sagutin (Ultimtate Questions) - Tagalog
By John Blanchard
The ultimate questions asked are about God. Does he exist? What is he like? Can I know him and experience his power in my life? If so, how? This booklet tackles these vital questions head-on and answers them simply, clearly and directly. If you sometimes feel unsure of how to get below the surface with family, friends or even a commuting companion, you could invite them to read this exceptional book.

Pangunahing Katuruan Ng Biblia (Bible Basics For New Believers)
By James McCreary
This book will guide you through your Bible and will provide with basic understanding of God's Word. The lessons include: the Old Testament law and its purpose, who is Jesus, what is salvation, your new identity in Christ, how to pray, what is communion, what is baptism, and how to study your Bible.

Sulat Para Sa 'Yo
Translated in English as A Letter For You, Sulat Para Sa 'Yo is a 64-pages book of information about the Bible, including testimonies, history, background and many challenges. This book is ideal for non-Christians and Christians.

Tunay Na Kaligayahan Maaaring Maging Iyo
Translated as True Happiness Can Be Yours, this ebook is available for free at the DenSu Ministries' web site. You can read this ebook online or download its pdf version.

Filipino Christian Resources

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Filipino Christian Resources

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