Ang Biblia
Any Biblia is a Tagalog app that can be installed on any Android smartphone or Android device. This is offered side by side with the King James Version Bible. The app is simple allowing users to easily read the Bible, navigate, highlight important verses, bookmark and take notes. (app), a ministry of Faith Comes By Hearing, is an audio Bible application. You can download up to three versions of your favorite Scripture on your Mac or PC for free. There are also many languages you can choose from. This includes Tagalog, Cebuano and other Filipino languages.

Magandang Balita Biblia (2005)
You can download this Bible app from this website or read it online.

Pinoy Tagalog Bible
This English-Tagalog Bible app uses the King James Bible and Ang Biblia (1905) and offers daily readings based on Charles Spurgeon's Morning & Evening Devotional. This app, which is downloadable in any Android smartphone or device, features daily readings, copy verse, share verse, bookmark, and easy navigation between books and chapters.

Simple Bible - Tagalog (BBE)
This Tagalog Bible is an app and is offered for free on

Tagalog Bible (Ang Biblia)
This Tagalog Bible app is available for android devices and is offered side by side with KJV English version, utilizing the power of android device for Tagalog speaking community in Philippines. This app is simple and allows users to easily read the Bible, navigate, highlight important verses, bookmark and take notes.

Unbound Bible
Unbound Bible offers Bible software (which includes the Tagalog Bible) and Bible study tools. The website can be viewed in different languages.

YouVersion Bible App
Download the YouVersion Bible app for your tablets, smartphone and computer for free. YouVersion is a simple, ad-free Bible that brings God's Word into your daily life. It offers many versions of the Bible in different languages including Tagalog and other Filipino languages.

Filipino Christian Resources

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Filipino Christian Resources

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